Jun 25, 2019

Honourable leaders of EU countries,
respected parliamentarians and
political decision-makers, 

I write this letter in the moment where a person living in Croatia can rightfully ask the question – how is it possible that Mr. Andrej Plenković, the current PM of Croatia, can potentially take a seat next to Mrs Merkel or play some significant role in the European Commission when the facts show that this man has according to every possible statistic of Eurostat brought Croatia to the bottom of the EU?  

This Prime Minister Plenković has demolished the social and economic fabric of Croatia, and suspended the rule of law during his tenure. There are evidence available in the public domain, that Mr Plenković is implicated in numerous affairs, committed illegal acts and abused his position together with his cronies. Mr Plenković can only hope to be a European example of corruption, crime, affairs and scandals.   Mr Plenković and his acts have become a huge legal and political burden not only for Croatia, but also for the EU. 

I remind the honourable readers, that this is not the first time EU is suffering because of a corrupt government.

The goal of this letter is for me to try to open your eyes to the facts.  Facts which have been pushing their way up the chain of lies imposed by the corrupt administration of Croatia. These facts reveal the truth that in an EU member state – Croatia – there is crime and corruption of untold scale, and that the champions of these illegal acts are connected to the political elite who are their comrades in crime.

The Croatian state was taken over and rule of law suspended by a few politicians (Mr Andrej Plenković, his ex-deputy PM Martina Dalić, minister Bozinovic and governor Boris Vujcic), in order to serve particular private interests. This is the very negation of the spirit of the EU.

Take just the example of a well-known Agrokor affair which was a classic example of politically-controlled corporate raiding done in coordination with particular financial interests and raiders who, according to public information, were in close connection with these corrupt officials.   This the unfortunate truth – and one known to many investigative journalists, honest prosecutors and independent researchers, who have for a more than a year published leaked documents about the scale of corruption in Croatia present at the highest levels.

I point the attention of the readers that there exists a publicly leaked testimony of the ex-deputy PM Mrs Martina Dalić who testified to the prosecution in Croatia that the Prime Minister Plenković managed, orchestrated, knew about and directed all the acts in relation to Agrokor. 

This includes special, secret confirmed meetings with Russian state-backed banks and vulture funds such as Knighthead Capital. 

The corporate raiding implemented by the Croatian PM Plenković and his cronies from Knighthead Capital, AlixPartners, VTB Bank Russia and others is well known.  

These entities have done their dirty deeds already in PuertoRico, Ukraine, Latvia, Bulgaria and have now found adequate corrupt support in Croatia.  These foreign vultures have befriended Mr Plenković and his close associates in order to extract huge unlawful gains from their takeovers.

Today, it is also well known how the Croatian state has lost all legal credibility – as its institutions have been put in the services of protecting corruption and crime committed by the top level of the Croatian state. The rule of law does not exist, and the institutions meant to protect the public have been put to the service of corrupt officials and their cronies.

Having in mind this corruption has caused losses of several billion EUR, destroyed several Croatian industries and Croatian capital, and caused a loss of several thousand jobs – we have filed 7 criminal complaints and 4 supplements to the Croatian Prosecution.  To this day, we have received not a single reply or communique.  

Further, we have submitted two complaints on breach of EU law to the European Commission – due to the underlying illegality of the acts that PM Plenković used. I have been informed that the EC has received the documents and that it is being analysed. 

What I seek as a citizen of the European Union and as someone belonging to the European Union project, is that the rule of law is respected and that proper investigation of truth occurs in relation to the many allegations that I and others have made in relation to PM’s actions, and especially so having in mind the following reasons:

  • Because several high-ranking EU politicians were actively engaged in the corruption affairs, illegal activities and the destruction of Croatia that occurred during Mr Plenković’s tenure
  • Because the rule of law in the EU is at stake, as the sole and key guarantee to the existence of the union
Corruption is always followed by incompetence and devastation. To further take this point, I am presenting you with some Eurostat numbers which show that Croatia has been economically and socially completely devastated during the tenure of the current PM. 


  • Croatia was in 2018 member of a group of countries with the lowest consumption per capita
  • Croatia is with Bulgaria and Rumania at the bottom of the GDP per capita ranking 37% below EU averages
  • Calendar-adjusted, industrial manufacturing is Croatia, already at the bottom of EU levels is now 6,6 pct down in relation to the same month a year ago


  • Croatia is 69th on the relevant freedom of press index for 2018.  For comparison sake, Bosnia & Herzegovina that is even not in the EU is 62nd
  • In terms of corruption perception rankings, Croatia is was awarded 48 points in 2018, which shows that the corruption in the public sector is perceived as omnipresent.  This has continued the already negative trend in corruption as compared to 2016 and 2017.
  • In terms of the independence of the judiciary, Croatia is at the bottom of the EU.  76% of citizens consider that the judiciary is bad or very bad. 

I implore the reader to look at the facts and the truth, that the corruption that burdened Croatia during the tenure of PM Plenković has been devastating. It is no surprise then that the ruling party HDZ – led by Mr Plenković has lost significant share of its former support.

This was shown at the recent European elections where HDZ (Plenković’s party) was reduced to a mere 22% support of those who have voted – equalling only 8% of the electorate of Croatia.  

They received 4 seats in the EU Parliament and were matched by the leading opposition party – SDP.   

All the coalition partners which have maintained HDZ in power during PM Plenković’s tenure have been reduced to 1-3%. The simple truth is that no one wants to be a coalition member to this corrupt group – and that the people are punishing those who are.

I thus return to my original question – how can a person such as the PM Plenković be supported by a Mr Juncker or Merkel?  In supporting him, are they not also supporting his acts and acts he committed with his cronies?  I would submit that this is the reason why the EU itself is currently in a crisis – there is a clear moral and political crisis when corruption and crime is tolerated for personal political goals. 

I believe that the EU can only succeed if a team of individuals with reputation, authority, knowledge and vision are leading it. A group of individuals who will have the strength to reveal the truth, conduct a sweeping clean-up without pardon, and pull out the EU out of this and other scandals which are shaking the very pillars of the community.

The EU must be morally righteous and just – and this is a conditio sine qua non of its existence.  The EU must lead the world.  

The EU must not descend into a swamp of corrupt private interests where its values are subordinated to the puny personal wishes of the few. 

The EU must lead by example – by strength, by the rule of law. 

I believe this can be done, but not by those who have tested the depths of the swamp.ćevom-kriminalu-zbog-kojeg-se-izbjegava-suociti-s-licem-pravde