Međunarodna lešinarska mafija

Jun 16, 2019

U posjedu smo dokumentacije i u komunikaciji sa nizom fizičkih i pravnih osoba iz nekoliko država, koje su opljačkane istom ili sličnom kriminalnom shemom Alix partnersa i Knightheada. Dio njih informacije objavljuje i javno, kao što možete vidjeti u prilogu. Cijela priča poprima ozbiljne međunarodne dimenzije i uvjereni smo da će lešinarsku mafiju pravda dostići puno ranije no što su očekivali.


In 2015,
#Bulgaria hired #AlixPartners to allegedly investigate what happened to #Corpbank. However, it appears no investigation took place. The pseudo investigation cost 800,000 EUR.   
To make matters even more complicated, it is unclear how #AlixPartners were chosen. The criteria are not public. It is unknown if other companies participated in the tender. Was there even a tender as required by #Bulgaria/n law?  
#Bulgaria/n authorities say the report by #AlixPartners in English was submitted to them on 23 September 2015. Yet, the Bulgarian translation is also dated 23 September 2015. Who is this incredibly talented translator which can translate almost 600 pages in 1 day?  

#AlixPartners have relied on the same manipulations in #Croatia (#Agrocor case), #Nigeria (#Afren
case), etc. #Fraud Amazingly, they often appear in cases in which #Russia's VTB has a stake.  

The mystery with the dates continues. Different
#Bulgaria/n institutions disagree on the date of the report by #AlixPartners on #Corpbank. For some, it is from 23 September 2015. For others, it is from December 2015. Who cares? The #fraud worked.  

Witness Bennett: "I am not sure when they realized that Mr. [Spas] Rusev did not have any money to participate in the acquisition of
#Vivacom. In the end, #VTB had to provide all money to Mr. #Rusev to participate."  

AlixPartners rely on the same fraudulent scheme in many countries. They limit liability by creating special vehicles just for fraudulent assignments and then wire them down to prevent legal action.
@UKSFO should act to preserve its own reputation at this stage.  

Nepodudaranje u izjavama Alixa
na bugarskom jeziku (prevesti sa bugarskog na google translate)

Lisa Osofsky, please arrange a meeting with the Afren plc, Corpbank and Agrocor victims and you will realise how the most sophisticated criminal acts happened with Alixpartners administration engagement within the EU.
@UKSFO @IPAssociation @AlixPartners_UK #ALAG @eucopresident  
In late 2012, VTB Capital, the investment arm of Russia's second-largest bank, has led a consortium (Viva Telecom Bulgaria EAD) to buy a controlling stake in BTC. The consortium included a local partner,Mr. Tzvetan Vassilev. In November 2012, Viva Telecom Bulgaria EAD acquired a 93.99 percent stake in the Bulgarian Telecommunications Company. The transaction became a fact as a result of the approval of a comprehensive scheme for the sale and restructuring of the company. The deal received approval from the European Commission and other regulatory authorities.  

What is noteworthy is the absence of Tsvetan Vassilev in the story described in the over 190-page claim, which involves real estate, loans, contracts, annexes, set-offs, cessions, bank accounts and Mexican bonds. His name should also be on the list of defendants. He is the alleged secret owner of the offshore company EFV International Financial Ventures Ltd., which is identified as one of the participants in the “conspiracy”. The claim does not even mention the fact that the fugitive banker is being tried for leading an organised crime group responsible for the embezzlement of CorpBank and that he has been hiding for over four years from the Bulgarian judicial system. Never mind that there is enough evidence, witness accounts, audit reports (including by the international consulting firm AlixPartners), a report by a special parliamentary committee and even a summary by the Prosecutor’s Office, saying that the “CorpBank model” represented a financial pyramid, which extended billions worth of loans to shell companied affiliated with Vassilev. 

Među prvima prenijeli vijest:


were appointed to advise Alixp on the Administration & disposal of assets in what was to be a firesale of assets. The appointment of these advisers to manage the sale of assets was a precondition of the appointment of
@AlixPartners_UK @eucopresident @UKSFO 
Just two weeks before Administration another company offered a rescue deal but the company was put into Administration instead with Alix @AlixPartners_UK appointing the Creditors' own advisors , Blackstone/PJT @UKSFO @AlixPartners_UK @eucopresident #fraud
An Afren plc refinancing package was put together in 2015 that would have left shareholders with less than 9% of the company but at such high rates of interest that the company would soon have failed anyway. 

Shadow directors including Blackstone and
rejected going concern offers to buy the company and some offers were never made known to the market. That happened before and after Administration 

After the Afren CEO and Chief Financial officer were dismissed for taking bribes in 2014, for which they are now serving prison sentences, Shadow Directors took control of the Company and set about taking control of the company/assets for their own benefit.
Why @AlixPartners_UK didn't entertain SOLID attempts to rescue Afren in 2015? There is no way the adhoc committee of bond holders and the advisers would have agreed to sell the company to any independent company because they would have been sued for fraud.
The @UKSFO Serious Fraud Office has been turning a blind eye to the fraud committed by #AlixPartners in many countries for far too long.